Explore Morgan Day

April 3rd, 2020


Explore Morgan Day is a full-day open house event. Participating in Explore Morgan Day is a fun and exciting way to discover if Morgan is the place for you!

During this open house event you will have the opportunity to tour our campus, meet our professors and interact with our students.

The admissions team will be hosting on-site admissions during Explore Morgan Day for students who wish to receive their admission decision during open house. See the FAQ's below for information on how to participate in on-site admissions.


On campus parking for open house if free. Parking is available in the Student Center Garage and in the lower Y lot behind the Murphy Fine Arts building. Parking locations can be found on the Campus Map. 


Once you arrive on campus please proceed to the Hill Field House for event Check-In.  The Hill Field House is located adjacent to the parking garage as shown on the campus map. If you plan to participate in On-Site Admission please proceed directly to the second floor of the Univeristy Student Center and report to Ballroom B.  

*Please note On-site drop off will close at 8:30 am.  

On-Site Admission FAQ's

1. Who is eligible?

High school seniors preparing to graduate in Spring 2020 and transfer students preparing to transfer in Spring 2020 or Fall 2020.

2. How do I participate?

Step 1: Complete the online Morgan application 24 hours before open house

Step 2: Bring your official transcript and test scores with you to open house (do not bring an essay, letter of recommendation or paper application)

Step 3: Drop off your application materials by 8:30 am in the University Student Center

Step 4: Check your email at 2:30pm for your decision pick-up location

3. What if I have already applied and submitted my application materials to the admissions office?

If you would like to receive an on-site decision you must bring a physical copy of your official transcript and test score with you to open house. If you do not bring a physical copy, you will receive your decision within our normal notification window depending on when you submitted your complete application.

4. I do not have a printed copy of my test scores and/or transcript. Can I still receive a decision?

No, you must bring a printed, physical copy of your application materials in order to receive an on-site decision.

5. What is the cut off time for document drop-off?

All application materials must be received at the drop-off location by 8:30 am for an on-site decision. Any information that is dropped off after 8:30 am will be received and processed in the order received after open house.