Community College Leadership Program (EdD)

The degree program leading to a Doctor of Education (EdD) in Community College Leadership is designed to prepare students for senior level leadership roles and professorial positions within the community college setting. This intense program of study focuses on training professionals for the unique situations encountered by senior administrators and faculty serving in community colleges. In addition, a major emphasis of the program is to support and inspire research that is relevant to contemporary issues and concerns of the nation's 21st century community colleges.

Program Foundation
This degree pathway offers students a stimulating and highly structured program of study. It is designed for working professionals who are committed to attaining a Doctor of Education degree. Morgan's mission is to serve a multiethnic and multiracial student body and to help ensure that the benefits of higher education are enjoyed by a broad segment of the population. To help fulfill the university's mission, our esteemed faculty prepare students to emerge from the program equipped to handle the unique and diverse leadership challenges associated with leading and teaching in the 21st century community college. This pathway is based on the belief that community college leadership requires the following specific knowledge base and competencies (American Association of Community Colleges, 2005):

Community College Advocacy
Organizational Strategy
Leadership Development
Resource Management

Educational Learning and Cohort Model
The Educational Leadership Learning and Cohort Model used in the program creates an environment that prepares students to take advantage of many professional opportunities available in the nation's community colleges. Throughout the program of study, the learner investigates and works on issues relevant to community college leadership and instruction. Students work collaboratively in teams to research trends and issues that will aid in the resolution of problems relating to current community colleges.