OIT Computer labs

Computer Labs

Morgan State University Computer Labs serve as physical learning and study destinations providing students with the latest and greatest computing tools, software, printing and other technology resources to accomplish their academic goals for instruction, research and presentation.

All MSU Computer Labs

Open Access Labs

Open Access Labs are open to students in all disciplines for University-related work, provided the student has an active BEARcard account. Though all of the open access labs provide identical services to the campus community, they each offer slightly different equipment, hardware and software depending on the various educational needs in each academic building. It is our goal to provide an environment for students to coordinate the use of technology and educational tools in order to learn and perfect technology skills, and excel at creating professional student presentations and projects.

Departmental Labs

Departmental Labs are readily available for students in that department's academic discipline, and may include special equipment and software exclusive to that department. These labs can also be open to all students

AEP Smart Suites

AEP Smart Suites are computer and tutorial labs located within the residence halls on campus and provide residents with convenient acess to computers and peer tutors. These suites are managed by the Office of Residence Life.