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Tutorial Services

AEP Tutorial Services

Tutoring can benefit all students regardless of GPA. In fact, many students meet with our tutors in order to maintain their solid academic performance. One on one tutoring allows students the freedom to get answers to questions they may not have been able to ask during class. Additionally, tutors can assist students in preparing for upcoming classes, quizzes or exams, guiding students as they complete homework assignments, and helping them to develop better study and time management skills.  Our ultimate goal is to help students to become independent learners.

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Please pay special attention to which AEP Lab location your tutor will be working in at the time of your scheduled appointment. If you have any questions, email us at

AEP Lab Locations

Blount Towers (Room 150)
Cummings House (Room 020)
Harper-Tubman House (Room B61)
O'Connell Hall (Room 110)

Hours of Operation

Sunday - Thursday - 4 pm - 12 midnight.

Meet the Tutors!

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Updated 10/6/17