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Leadership Development

AEP Leadership Programs

Through the Morgan MILE and Morgan EVOLVE the AEP helps students explore and build their leadership capacity. 

These programs give students access to academic and social programs as well as opportunities to develop leadership skills.

The Morgan MILE helps the male MSU students to foster a keep sense of self-awareness, confidence and self determination which prepares them for leadership, academic and personal success.

Morgan EVOLVE empowers female MSU students to be effective leaders who have a sense of purpose, a healthy sense of self and an appreciation for their identity as Black women.

Click here to contact the Morgan MILE coordinator.

Click here to contact the Morgan EVOLVE coordinator.

Baltimore Collegetown Network

Baltimore Collegetown Network (BCN) brings 14 colleges and universities together to attract, engage and retain students and raise the profile of Baltimore as a great college town.

BCN also offers a year-long civic engagement program called Collegetown LeaderShape which supports studenst as they create social change, ehnance their leadership skills and deepen their connection to the Baltimore community.

Click here for more information about how to apply for the Collegetown LeaderShape program.

Collegetown LeaderShape applications are due in March!

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