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Family & Consumer Sciences

Family & Consumer Sciences

The Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, formerly the Department of Home Economics, is a part of the School of Education and Urban Studies. The Department offers the Bachelor of Science degree in, Family and Consumer Sciences with an option between two comprehensive tracks; Fashion Merchandising and General Family and Consumer Studies. The Department's curriculum encompasses the study of relationships among people in their personal spaces, focusing on the impact of the physical, biological, social and economic environments. and their effects on human behavior and development. 

Students majoring in Family and Consumer Sciences learn to push boundaries and express their creativity. The environment allows students to learn practical solutions to problems involving food science, health and nutrition, apparel and design, family and marital relations, child development and consumer economics among others for diverse, multicultural, and global societies.

The aim, therefore, is to train students to assist individuals, families, and communities to improve and acquire the highest quality of life available to them. Hence, the department has a mandate as a part of a preeminent urban university to have an impact locally. While it prepares students to make informed decisions about how to meet the challenges of a changing global community, it also tasks itself to enhance and improve family life in the neighborhoods adjacent to Morgan State University by implementing relevant outreach activities and programs. 

Bachelor of Science degree in:

Family and Consumer Sciences with tracks in Fashion Merchandising and General Family and Consumer Studies.