Welcome to Off-Campus Housing Services (OCH)

The Morgan State University Office of Residence Life & Housing provides off campus housing information to members of the MSU community looking for a place to live near our campus. We are here to help faculty, staff and students who do not reside in University-managed on-campus housing make well-informed decisions that enable them to enjoy a positive off-campus living experience.

OCH101: Online searchable database that lists available rental housing in the area 

Information: Extensive handout series (see below) with information ranging from apartment safety tips, area food stores, hotel information, checklists and much more.  

Housing Search Checklists         

Housing Search Checklist         

Security Checklist        

Lease Signing Checklist  

Search Resources        

Living Off-Campus: Strategies for Success        

Search Agencies for Long-Term Housing       

Short-Term Housing        

Local Area Profiles        

Apartment Rating Websites  


Fire Safety        

Fire Safety for Apartment Buildings       

Fire Safety for Houses and Rooms in Houses        

Fire Safety for Older Adults and People with Disabilities        

Fire Safety Questions  

Additional Resources        

Morgan View Apartments (Not Affiliated with The Office of Residence Life & Housing)        

Area Food Stores        

Child Care and Schools        

How to Sublease/Sublet your Rental        

Furniture Rental and Sales        

Hotels in the Area       

Information for Renters with Disabilities        

Living Green Off-Campus       

Local Police Departments        

Local Utility Companies        

Moving & Storage        

Renters Insurance        

Safety Tips        

Understanding Leases