LGBTQA Advisory Council

LGBTQA Advisory Council

The LGBTQA Advisory council was established by Dr. David Wilson, Morgan State University President, in 2013 to assess and make recommendations for improving the campus climate and resources for LGBTQA students, faculty and staff. In addition, its charge was to promote personal, physical, and emotional safety while identifying ways to create educational and social opportunities and inclusion of issues of sexually and gender identity and expression in recruitment, accommodations, academic and social programming at Morgan State University.

Our current work includes:  

  • Ensuring that we include issues of sexual orientation and gender identity and expression in the framework of diversity at Morgan State University,  
  • Strengthening our commitment to "gender identity/expression" in the university community by providing trans-inclusive programs and services,  
  • Working toward an MSU Non Discrimination Policy that includes "gender identity" or "gender expression" in our non-discrimination policy,  
  • Ensuring visible sustainability of LGBTQA support and institutional commitment,  
  • Identifying ways to make the classroom experience inclusive and LGBTQA friendly through training programs for faculty and staff,  
  • Conducting outreach initiatives to people of religious faith/spirituality; persons with disabilities and other underrepresent populations,  
  • Evaluating housing options and policies with specific attention to the development of trans -sensitive housing accommodations and policies to support LGBT people.  
  • Developing Campus Police outreach plans and specific training to support LGBTQA people and other marginalized communities,  
  • Conducting an examination of counseling and health concerns to support the emotional and psychical concerns of students coming out and transgender populations,  
  • Developing outreach and retention programs that target LGBTQ and Ally communities.

The LGBTQA Advisory Council has made significant strides since over the last year that include the following initiatives:

  • Continued supported for S.O.U.L., MSU's gay-straight alliance
  • Collaboration Women's and Gender Studies to host the biennial "Intersections Symposium: Sexuality, Gender, Race, Ethnicity"  
  • Established an LGBTQA Faculty Network  
  • Assessed our curriculum offerings for LGBTQ education and awareness  
  • Researched LGBTQ campus climate surveys  
  • Conducted 2013 and 2014 assessments using Campus Pride's LGBT Campus Climate Assessment Tool: "The Campus Pride Climate Index is a national tool utilized for assisting colleges and universities in improving the environment for people on campus who are Lesbian, Gay, Bi sexual, and Transgender."  
  • Hosted a meeting with Dr. Jamie Washington, consultant with Washington Consulting Group  
  • Hosted a meeting with Mr. Vann Millhouse from Black Transmen, Inc. to discuss trans inclusivity at MSU  
  • Co-hosted 2 university forums in 2013:
    • Tuesday, November 5th: "Being Gay in the African American Community"
    • Thursday, November 21st: "Continuing the Conversation: Supporting an LGBTQ Friendly Campus"    

As Morgan State University continues to expand its borders, we are poised to offer sustained commitment to LGBTQA awareness we continue our efforts to inculcate global perspectives to "grow the future and lead the world".