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Quiet Zone

  • The Stacks area located on the third (3rd) floor of the Richardson Library is designated a "Quiet Zone" for studying and reading.
  • The "Quiet Zone" is designed as an area for patrons to use free of noises and distractions caused by other library patrons.
  • Conversations must be held outside the "Quiet Zone" and are in conjunction with Library rules regarding noise level, cell phone, and headphone use.
  • Groups may use the area if they do not disturb other patrons or violate other guidelines listed.
  • The Group Study rooms located on the third floor are not part of the "Quiet Zone."
  • Patrons who are disturbing other patrons or otherwise making noise may be asked to follow guidelines or asked to move to another part of the library.

Please be considerate of your fellow patrons.
Thank you