Message from the Director

Floyd E. Taliaferro IIIWe pay homage to the dedication and resolve of the students and staff that the University Student Center was able to carry out the objectives and aspirations of the 2016-2017 academic year. Our motivation is simple, to make campus life a rewarding experience. These experiences culminate through the encouragement of leadership and development opportunities which take place in student organizations, Greek life, and student employment. While there are many opportunities that will provide a distinguished purpose, it must be remembered that through these opportunities the student center remains steadfast as the foundation in which many students utilize as a platform to attain their academic, social, and career ambitions.

By fostering a positive environment, the University Student Center stands committed to serving the student population, university departments, and surrounding community. Through the inspiring changes that are ahead of the campus, the expectation of the University Student Center is to remain aligned with the spirit of the mission, vision, and strategic plan of the University. Our work with the Morgan State student population, faculty, staff, administrators, and community serves as a testament to what we are able to accomplish by working towards a common goal.

Floyd E. Taliaferro III
Director, University Student Center and Student Activities