University Owned Housing Facilities

A description of our residence halls can be found by clicking the hall names' listed on the left of the page. Each residence hall has a main area, vending machine, and washers and dryers at cost and in most residence halls, computer labs available for the use by the residents only.  The University dining facility is located in Rawlings Hall.

Community Standards

Living in the halls can be rewarding and fun, however, it can also be a challenge. The Residence Hall Community Standards Handbook has been established, in conjunction with the Office of Judicial Affairs and Inter-Residence Council, as fundamental guidelines for group living. These standards seek to balance individual freedoms with rights of the community, to establish communities that recognize and celebrate the dignity and self worth of all community members, and to hold residents accountable when they choose to violate these standards.  

Residence Hall Staff

Who is "in charge" of the halls? Who can residents turn to for help? The live-in residential staff consists of Resident Director, Assistant Resident Directors, Resident Assistants and Desk Attendants. They are committed to the ideals and missions of both the University and The Office of Residence Life & Housing. These individuals are your primary contacts when you have problems or concerns. 


Resident Director (RD):  Resident Directors are full-time professional staff members who reside in the residence halls. Each individual is responsible for his/her own /building. The RD assumes responsibility for the management, administration, programming and student development areas within the residence hall/complex. The RD supervises additional staff persons assigned to the hall/complex.

Baldwin Hall: Eric Williams Sr., Resident Director

Blount Towers: LaKeesha Jackson, M.A., Resident Director

Cummings House: Eric Williams Sr., Resident Director

Harper-Tubman House: Taya Gaskins-Scott, Resident Director

Marble Hall Gardens Apartments: Juana Socorro, Resident Director

O'Connell Hall: Clint Bordley, Resident Director

Rawlings Hall:  Chad Williams-Bey, Resident Director

Thurgood Marshall Apartments: Christopher Coleman, Resident Director

Resident Assistant (RA):  Resident Assistants are undergraduates who live on the floors with the students. Their overall responsibility is to provide leadership, lend assistance and support to the students in the halls and enforce University and ORLH policies regarding the safety and health of the students. RAs work with the students on their floor to plan and implement social, recreational and cultural activities throughout the semester. They are great resources for questions about life on campus and play a major role in developing a community.


Desk Attendant (DA): Desk Attendants are students whom ORLH hires to work the front desk area of the residence halls throughout the week and weekends from 8:00 a.m. to midnight. They are available to assist students and visitors with their needs and to monitor the events occurring in the buildings and the individuals entering the buildings to ensure the safety of the students. 

Get Involved with IRC!

The Inter-Residence Hall Council (IRC) is a terrific opportunity to get involved in campus life, meet people, learn how to organize events, tackle issues and gain invaluable leadership experience. The IRC is the student organization that represents the students who live on-campus in University-managed residence halls. This body is made up of elected members from each residence hall and student volunteers. For more information please contact the IRC Adviser, Justin Hall, at (443)-885-3982 or

Work With Us!

ORLH at MSU is a dynamic program that attracts outstanding students and professionals. We offer a variety of student and professional staff positions that support the residential students at MSU and enhance the academic mission of the University. Professional positions, when available, will be posted on the University’s Human Resources website. We invite all enthusiastic and conscientious undergraduate and graduate students to express their interest in working for The Office of Residence Life & Housing at any time of the year.