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Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) provide a supportive environment where peer support and collaboration with faculty and staff help students to achieve both academic and personal success. LLCs connect students with common majors, interests or program affiliation through community centered residential experiences. LLC members live together in a residential community and participate in academic and extracurricular programming designed especially for them.

Purpose of LLCs

  • To develop students who are academically and socially engaged in their college experience.
  • To enable students to make connections with faculty and staff

Benefits of Participation

  • Targeted academic support
  • Living with students who share similar interests and passions
  • Special on campus programming
  • Opportunities for unique off campus excursions

Special Interest LLCs

Morgan EVOLVE - Elevating Voices of Leadership Virtue and Excellence 

Morgan MILE - Male Initiative on Leadership and Excellence

Upon assignment to the MILE and EVOLVE LLC, all LLC members will:

  1. Have access to all MILE & EVOLVE programming
  2. Meet with the MILE or EVOLVE coordinator at least once per semester 
  3. Complete at least 2 hours of study hall per week (hosted by your assigned RA)

Academic LLCs
Academic LLCs require membership in the respective academic programs. Students who are interested in being a part of an academic LLC must contact the relevant Coordinator.

  1. PACE (Pre-Freshman Accellerated Curriculum in Engineering)
  2. ASCEND - A Student-Centered, Entrepreneurship Development (ASCEND) Training Model
  3. Dr. Clara Adams Honors College (University Honors Program)

MILE and EVOLVE LLC Communities are located in Blount Towers, Rawlings Hall and O'Connell Hall. PACE, ASCEND and Honors communities are located in Harper-Tubman House. 

In order to be eligible for placement, you must:

  • Be admitted to Morgan State University 
  • Complete and submit an application for housing 
  • Be financially cleared prior to check-in

Please note that you will not be provided with a room assignment unless you are financially cleared.

For more information, please contact our AEP Coordinator by email or by phone at 443-885-4452.