On-Campus Recruitment

It is a well-recognized fact that students who have experience related to their field/discipline are more readily hired for career employment than those who do not have such experience. Students at Morgan State University are advised early on that relevant work experience is an essential component of their career preparation. The CCD staff encourages all students to develop a plan to work in a career related job at some point during their matriculation at the University. Students may apply for various work programs including internships in private and non-profit organizations and cooperative education assignments in state and federal agencies. Career related paid and non-paid work assignments during the academic year and summer are available to undergraduates and graduate students.

Representatives of employers and graduate and professional schools also visit the campus to recruit graduating students from mid-October to the beginning of December and from the beginning of February to the beginning of May.  Interview schedules and application instructions are posted in eBear. All interviews are conducted in the Center for Career Development's Interview suites, please check-in C-224 of the Montebello Complex.    

Please review the OCR: No Show & Cancellation Policy

Information Tables Many employers have found that hosting an information table prior to their on-campus interviews helps their organization gain visibility.  It provides students an opportunity to learn about the available career opportunities and how they might contribute to the organization. Dates and locations are posted in eBear.