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Virtual Career Fair

Virtual Career Fair

Date, Time & Location

Date: November 15, 2018
Time: 1pm-7pm (Eastern Time)
Location: Your computer with webcam

How it Works
- Employers and students will log in to the event from their respective locations (office, home, school, etc).
- Each employer will have their own video conference room
- Students will enter the video conference room and the dialogue will begin.
- Students and employers can ask questions about the positions available or candidate skills using the video conference feature.
- After talking to the employer, students can apply for any positions the employer has posted.

What You Need
A computer with internet connection, a microphone, and a video camera.
Please note: Most laptops have built-in microphones and video cameras. For the best experience, a laptop with these capabilities is preferred but other microphones/video camera setups will work as well.

Register in Advance
To register for the Morgan State University Virtual Career Fair please click on the following link:
If you have problems registering, please e-mail

Please don't hesitate to email Amban Anjeh, Career Specialist at Morgan State University, with any questions you may have.

You can also e-mail, the platform provider, at, should you have questions or need assistance.

Informational Videos

Student Tutorial:
Employer Tutorial: