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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the BSW Program accredited?

  • Yes, the BSW Program has been continually re-accredited since 1975 by the Council on Social Work Education. In 1975, the program became one of the first undergraduate programs in the country to receive accreditation by this body.

Am I automatically admitted into the program if I am admitted to Morgan?

  • No, admission to Morgan State University does not constitute admission to the Social Work Program. Social Work students must complete an application process after meeting the admission requirements and guidelines.

Why do I have to be admitted into the Social Work Program?

  • The purpose of the Admissions process is to assure students' goals and aspirations are compatible with the profession of Social Work. Students must demonstrate the characteristics of honesty, integrity, and commitment to service with diverse urban people. Furthermore, students must be emotionally mature and be willing to abide by the Social Work profession's Code of Ethics.

What are the requirements for admission?

  • Students must have completed all of the General Education Requirements; have a GPA of 2.5; complete the BSW Social Work Admissions Online Application; complete a Biographical and Personal Statement; submit two letters of recommendation; and possibly participate in an interview with the Social Work Admissions and Retention Committee.

When are applications accepted?

  • Applications will be accepted January 1st and August 1st. If those dates fall on the week-end, the application will be due that Monday.

Why might a student be asked to participate in a face-to face interview?

  • Applicants will be interviewed by the Admissions and Retention Committee if the Committee has concerns about the applicant's GPA, the number of General Education courses remaining to be completed, and/or behavior that is not exemplary of a potential social work student and future social work professional. Students with criminal background histories, problems with addiction or mental illness may be asked to participate in a face-to-face interview.

How long will it take for me to know the status of my admission?

  • Applicants will be notified in writing within two weeks of submitting the application by the BSW Program Director.

Why do I have to do a field internship?

  • The objective for field education is to help students integrate the theory and knowledge base of social work learned in the classroom with the practical hands on experience gained through work in a social welfare agencies.

Where are some of the places I might do my field placement?

  • Students are afforded a multitude of placement options, including but not limited to, Baltimore Public Schools, hospitals, psychiatric programs, corrections facilities, child welfare agencies, and agencies that provide services to the elderly.

If I have done volunteer work does that count towards my field requirement?

  • While the program supports and highly encourages students to volunteer on a continual basis, this will not fulfill your field placement requirement.

When do I enter field?

  • Field is done in the senior year. Students can only enter field in the Fall semester of the academic year.

How many hours of field must I complete?

  • Students must complete 220 hours of field per semester which totals 440 hours for the academic year. This calculates to be 16 hours (two eight hour days) per week for the entire academic year. Students are generally in their field placements on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Am I assigned an advisor only after being admitted to the program?

  • No, students are advised by a social work faculty once the student declares social work as his or her major. The advisor will continue to work with the student to make certain that courses are taken in sequence and advise the student when it is time to submit the admissions packet. The advisor will continue to work with the student if admitted into the program providing not only academic advice but also professional and career advisement.

How often must a student meet with their advisor?

  • Advisors are available weekly during their office hours. The program requires that students must meet with their advisor once per semester.

In addition to my advisor, how can I make certain I know necessary program information?

  • During the beginning of the Fall and Spring semester, the program has a mandatory majors meeting for all social work and potential social work majors. These orientations are conducted with all faculty present and afford the opportunity for students to meet with the faculty in a forum in which all components of the program are explained. Additionally, students are encouraged to frequent the department and read informational material posted on the various social work bulletin boards. 

Please click here to view the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) BSW Student Advising Process.

Is there a way for me to be involved in social work departmental activities?

  • Yes, yes, yes!!! Social work students have numerous opportunities to augment instruction received in the classroom through community projects, participation in the Student Social Work Organization, participation in Phi Alpha National Social Work Organization, and by serving on departmental committees such as curriculum, recruitment, admissions and retention, and grievance.

Professor Yvonne Greene, BSW Program Chair
Developing Leaders for Urban Change