Within these by-laws, the terms listed below shall have the following definitions.

The DEANS shall refer to the Dean of the Earl Graves School of Business and Management, the Dean of the School of Education and Urban Studies, the Dean of the Clarence M. Mitchell School of Engineering, the Dean of the School of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences, and the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts. Within these by-laws, references to or about the DEANS shall also include new schools or colleges with graduate programs that may be added as academic and/or professional curricula at Morgan State University. Directors of graduate programs that may not be headed by a DEAN, including but not necessarily limited to the Director of the Institute for Architecture and Planning and the Director of the Public Health Program, shall for the purposes of these by-laws be regarded as a DEAN.

GRADUATE COORDINATOR shall refer to the person designated by the Department Chairperson and/or the DEAN to serve as the administrator of and primary contact person for graduate students in a graduate program within the Department or College/School.

The GRADUATE COUNCIL refers to the membership identified in Article 2 above.

The SCHOOL OF GRADUATE STUDIES shall refer to the graduate programs headed by the DEANS and/or program directors as well as the admission, financial aid, and academic policies and procedures implemented by the administrative office headed by the Dean of the SCHOOL OF GRADUATE STUDIES.

The STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE shall refer to one graduate student elected by student representatives to the Graduate Student Advisory Committee to serve as a member of the GRADUATE COUNCIL.