Robert Victor Joins NTC's Advisory Board

The National Transportation Center has added Robert Victor to its advisory board.

Victor is the Northern Virginia/Washington DC/Maryland Transportation Business Group
Manager for HDR, a 9,000‐person international consulting engineering and design firm. His
current focus is operations, government affairs, business development and involvement in
large‐scale road/bridge and transit projects.

Victor's career has allowed him to live and work in Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Seattle, Baltimore, Washington and New Delhi and Mumbai, India on a variety of transportation and civil engineering projects.

Victor is a Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers and is a past Board Member. He
chaired the ASCE's Advisory Committee that published the widely circulated "2013 Infrastructure
Report Card" and the "Failure to Act" Economic Report series.

Victor grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, and holds a Bachelor's of Science in Civil Engineering degree
from the University of Michigan and a Master's of Science from the University of Illinois. He is a
licensed professional engineer in Virginia, the District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania,
Ohio and Missouri. Rob's wife, Jennifer, is a political science professor at George Mason
University, and he is the father of 9‐year old Julia and 4‐year old Adam.