Drivers' Surveys

Researchers Are Interested in Your Car and Your Commute

When you buy a car, you make lots of decisions involving factors such as safety, fuel efficiency and your daily commute.

Researchers at the National Transportation Center at Morgan State University want to know more about those decisions and your daily trips. They have designed a five-minute, online survey for Maryland drivers - one for owners of regular cars and one for owners of electric vehicles (EVs) - to learn about driver's purchasing decisions, what safety features they prefer and commuting.

If you own or lease a car in Maryland, the researchers would like to include you. All individual responses are confidential and will not be shared with any state agencies or private companies. Only the National Transportation Center researchers will collect the data, aggregate the results and analyze the final response.

 To take the survey for regular cars, go to Or use the QR code:

If you own or lease an EV, please go to