Master of Engineering

Master of Engineering | School of Graduates Studies

General Requirements for Master of Engineering

All candidates who seek to earn the Master of Engineering degree will be required to complete a total of 33 acceptable credit hours of coursework inclusive of 2 credit hours of seminar and 4 credit hours of Project Reports.

Core Requirements for Master of Engineering

A core requirement of three interdisciplinary courses (9 credits hours) will be required of all students entering at master's level and students entering at the doctoral level who did not take these courses. These courses are carefully designed and coordinated to stress the interdisciplinary nature of the subject matter. The content serves as the philosophical foundation on which all other materials tailored for a specific student are based. The courses are as follows:

CEGR 514 Environmental Impact and Risk Assessment - 3 credits
EEGR 505 Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Computational Methods - 3 credits
IEGR 512 Advanced Project Management - 3 credits
Total Credits 9 credits

The following Seminar and Project Report courses are also required of all master's level student:
IEGR 788/789 Seminar I-II 2 creditsI
EGR 798/799 Project Report I-II 4 credits
Total Credits 6 credits

The remaining 18 credits will be taken as electives from the students approved program of study. For individuals admitted with deficiencies, additional courses may be required.