Departments in the School of Engineering

The School of Engineering is made up of four distinct departments: the Department of Civil Engineering, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, and the Department of Transportation and Urban Infrastructure Studies. Undergraduate study in each of these departments and disciplines leads to a Bachelor of Science degree.

Our students often go on to pursue advanced graduate studies in colleges and universities across the country. Morgan's engineering program is in the top two in the nation and the top-ranked for female students - for African American B.S. graduates who go on to receive a Ph.D.

At Morgan State, our School of Engineering offers a Master of Engineering degree as well as Doctor of Engineering degrees in Civil, Electrical, and Industrial Engineering. We also offer a one-year Master of Engineering in Cyber Engineering Degree, Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering and Transportation Studies, and a Ph.D. in Transportation and Urban Infrastructure Systems.