Family and Consumer Sciences Major Tracks


Students majoring in Family and Consumer Sciences must choose one of the following two (2) tracks

  1. General Family and Consumer Studies
  2. Fashion Merchandising

The General Family and Consumer Studies track provides interested students with courses from each curriculum area within the Department. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for career opportunities in schools, colleges, extension services, businesses, federal programs and child care. Students who desire to teach Grades 7 through 12 or Early Childhood Education must pass Praxis I and II to be certified.

The curriculum in Fashion Merchandising offers students the opportunity to prepare for careers in retail and wholesale organizations in buying, merchandising, fashion coordination, publicity, sales and marketing. Courses are designed to give students maximum exposure to business and management concepts so as to allow qualified students the opportunity to move rapidly into areas of management. A part of the program includes an industry work-study internship.