PhD in Higher Education Administration

PhD in Higher Education Administration

The PhD Program in Higher Education is designed to develop scholars and practitioners who will improve the outcomes of postsecondary education as academic leaders and administrators, public policy experts, researchers, faculty members, and consultants. The program is a learning community characterized by scholarly rigor, strong connections to broader professional communities of practice, and a passion for contributing to the betterment of society through education.

Goals of the Higher Education Administration PhD Program
The PhD program in Higher Education Administration recognizes the breadth of prior experiences, the various career paths of our students, and the diversity of post-graduate opportunities students may pursue.

Given this, there are five primary goals of the PhD program:

  • To provide students with grounding in the conceptual underpinnings of the practice of higher education
  • To provide students with a broad appreciation and understanding of educational systems in social, historical, and normative perspectives as one basis for the exercise of educational leadership
  • To expand students' theoretical understanding of administrative practice through interdisciplinary study of higher education administration
  • To convey inquiry skills useful to the practice of higher education and to research in the field
  • To provide opportunities to connect theoretical understanding to problems and contexts of practice through field-based experiences


What our candidates have to say about our program:

Tanya Johnson

PhD Higher Education Administration Candidate

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PhD Admission Requirements

PhD Program Curriculum & General Requirements

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