Recent Student Highlights

Michael McDonald, a sophomore Computer Science Major, and Michael Guy III, a sophomore Physics Major, were awarded the Hercules Scholarship from the Tom Joyner Foundation (November, 2017).

Extreme Science Internships at Johns Hopkins University have been awarded to the following MSU students (May, 2017):

Ph.D. candidate in Industrial and Computational Mathematics, Zeinab Bandpey, has contributed an article, "Equations of Peace," to the May–June 2017 Newsletter of the Association for Women in Mathematics (April, 2017).

Computer Science students, Marissa Bush, Chevane Minto, and Joshua Olumese, and Ambria Dolison in Electrical Engingeering, have been accepted for summer internships at Facebook.  Dionna Burrell and Trevon Wiggs in Computer Science have been accepted for summer internships at Google (April, 2017).

Freshman Computer Science Major, Chauncey Rogers (mentored by Dr. Edward Dillon), has been accepted for a 10-week summer internship program with the Florida State University Computer Science Department (April, 2017).

Graduating senior in Computer Science, Martina Taylor, has been admitted to the NYU Tandon School of Engineering to do a PhD in Cybersecurity (April, 2017).

Graduating senior in Computer Science, Marc Brooks (mentored by Dr. Sam Tannouri), won the first prize in the 24th Annual Undergraduate and Graduate Symposium for his project designing a tic-tac-toe puzzle game (April 2017).

Ph.D. candidate in BioEnvironmental Science, Behnam Tabatabai, has published a paper, co-authored with Dr. Viji Siither, "Overexpression of hlyB and mdh genes confers halotolerance in Fremyella diplosiphon, a freshwater cyanobacterium," in the journal, Enzyme and Microbial Technology (April, 2017).