Current Students

Thesis advisor's last name and the students expected graduation or year of enrollment is given in paranthesis unless stated otherwise:

  1. Mr. Lalith Naidu (Hohmann) on medical leave
  2. Mr. Steven Brown
  3. Ms. Somayeh Gharaie (Sitther, Enrolled: Fall 2014)
  4. Ms. Monet Stevenson (Aslan, Enrolled: Fall 2015)
  5. Mrs. Aysha Zaakan (AslanEnrolled Fall 2016)
  6. Ms. Sulakshana Bhatt (Praminik, Enrolled Fall 2016)
  7. Mr. Mylik Gregory (TBA, Enrolled Fall 2016)
  8. Mr. Kyle Drake (Aslan, Enrolled Fall 2017)
  9. Ms. Kristen Walker (Aslan, Enrolled Fall 2017)

Graduates of our Program:

1. "Environmentally Friendly Microwave Enhanced Syntheses of Important Cyclic Imides and Their Derivatives" by Benjamin, Ellis T., Ph.D., Morgan State University, 2007, 175 pages; (Advisor: Dr. Yousef Hijji).

2. "Analysis of metal ion catalyzed microwave destruction of Enterococcus faecalis, Staphylococcus aureus, and Escherichia coli", by Benjamin, Earl, III, Ph.D., Morgan State University. 2008: 175 pages; 3349918. (Advisor: Dr. Arthur Williams).

3. "Synthesis and fluorescence and in vitro cytotoxicity studies of some Re(I) diimine complexes" by Orsa, David H., Ph.D., Morgan State University, 2010, 193 pages; 3440023. (Dr. Santosh Mandal).

4. "Enzymatic Signal Amplification Using Plasmonic Nanostructures for Applications in Bioenvironmental Science and Engineering" by Abel, Biebele, Ph.D., Morgan State University, 2015, 197 pages; (Advisor: Dr. Kadir Aslan).

5. "Development of Rapid Analysis System Based on Microwave-Accelerated Bioassay Technique for Point-of-Care Applications" by Mohammad, Muzaffer, Ph.D., Morgan State University, 2015, 173 pages; (Advisor: Dr. Kadir Aslan).

6. "Assessing the Vulnerability of Coastal Aquatic Ecosystem Stability and Structure After Hurricane Passage" by Davenport, Erik, Ph.D., Morgan State University, 2015, 107 pages; (Advisor: Dr. Chunlei Fan).

7. "Developing "Bioenvironmental Science" as an Emerging Science Discipline: An Analysis of Quantitative Secondary Data of Wastewater Treatment Decontamination Methods for Theoretical Validation"by Akinyele Oni, Ph.D., Morgan State University, 2016, 219 pages; (Advisor: Dr. Timothy Akers).

8. "Synthesis, Anion Sensing and DNA Binding Properties of Schiff Base Derivatives of 2-Amino-6-Methoxybenzothiazole And Other Commercially Available Reagents" Belygona Barare, Ph.D., Morgan State University, 2016, 178 pages; (Advisor: Dr. Kadir Aslan).

9. "Rapid Assessment of Biological and Environmental Samples in Resource-Limited Settings" by Enock Bonyi, Ph.D., Morgan State University, 2017, 220 pages; (Advisor: Dr. Kadir Aslan).

10. "Biotechnological Approaches to Enhance Halotolerance and Photosynthetic Efficacy in the cyanobacterium, Fremyella diplosiphon" by Behnam Tabatabai, Ph.D., Morgan State University, 2017, 157 pages; (Advisor: Dr. Viji Sitther).

11. "Use of Natural and Synthetic Probes in Anion Sensing Applications" by Solomon Tadesse, Ph.D., Morgan State University, 2017, 170 pages; (Advisor: Dr. Kadir Aslan).

12. "Immunohistochemical Protein Quanitation: Influence of Anti-TH Concentration and Its Incubation Period on Getting a Linear Relationship between Staining Intensity and Level of Tyrosine Hydrolase within Neurons of Rat Hypothalamus" by Olatundji Yessoufou, Ph.D., Morgan State University, 2017, 123 pages; (Advisor: Dr. Gloria Hoffman).

13. "Metal-Assisted and Microwave-Accelerated Decrystallization (MAMAD)" by Zainab Boone-Kukoyi, Ph.D., Morgan State University, 2014-2018, 365 pages (Advisor: Dr. Kadir Aslan).

14. "Apoptosis and Innate Immunity in Chronic HCV Infection" by Janelle Guy, Ph.D., Morgan State University, 2014-2018, 225 pages (Advisor: Dr. Kadir Aslan).