The Society for the Advancement of Computer Science

The computer science club is informally known as SACS (The Society for the Advancement of Computer Science). It was founded in 1964 and managed by Ms. Cynthia Harvey. The primary participants were members who were enrolled in other majors (like Mathematics, and Business), but who assisted in teaching Computer Science courses at the time that the club was founded.

In 1976, SACS became a student affiliate of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). On campus (and in our tax forms), we are recognized as Association for Computing Machinery-Morgan State University (ACM-MSU), but we retain the SACS name as a homage to our beginnings. The SACS name is also useful because it helps the alumni identify us for activities such as Homecoming.

Ms. Harvey was the advisor from 1964 to 1999. Ms. Sheila Wiggins was the advisor from 1999 to 2011, and Dr. Schinnel Small assumed the position of advisor when Ms. Wiggins retired in 2011.

Our most popular event is the alumni reception, which is hosted every year at Homecoming to connect with alumni. Last year we celebrated 50 years of existence!

The goal of the club was to promote the Computer Science major, develop camaraderie among CS and other STEM majors and promote concepts in CS as part of everyday activities.

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The current members of the executive board are as follows:
President - Daniel Nnaji
Vice President - Derrell Carter
Treasurer - Brandon Bronson
Secretary (Corresponding) - Elizabeth Owolabi
Secretary (Recording) - Adeoye Owolabi
Webmaster - Schuyler Clark

Our primary goals (other than increasing membership!) are to:
1) Assist with tutoring in Computer Science courses
2) Develop activities that utilize CS concepts (e.g. apps)
3) Community outreach (we have partnered with V-Linc for volunteer activities in the past. V-Linc is an organization at customizes everyday items for people with disabilities. For more info, check out