The undergraduate program of courses in Chemistry is primarily intended to provide a sound education, as well as excellent research and technical training. The general aim of the Department is to provide thorough instruction in the fundamental theories and principles and in the basic techniques of science. Particular emphasis is placed upon the development of analytical and critical thinking skills.

The major in Chemistry consists of a Professional and a General track. Students who plan to continue their studies in graduate and professional school or seek employment in the chemical sciences should elect the Professional Track, while students who plan to pursue careers in education and health sciences may elect the General Track.

Students who wish to major in Chemistry should contact the Department of Chemistry chairperson to be assigned a chemistry adviser. The chemistry advisor is best able to assist majors in designing programs to meet their career needs and to progress through the curriculum in the most efficient and appropriate manner.

In addition to the requirements for the chosen major and the General Education requirements of the University, students must complete an additional six (6) Complimentary Studies credits required by all students in the School of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences. To qualify for graduation, chemistry majors must also pass the Senior Departmental Comprehensive Examination, must have taken all their junior- and senior-level requirements in the major at Morgan (unless granted prior written permission by the Dean to take courses elsewhere); and must have earned a cumulative GPA average of 2.0 or better and a major GPA average of 2.0 or better, with no outstanding grades below "C" in the major (which includes all courses required for the major and required supporting courses).