Override Information

1. Where can I get the Override form?
You can find a copy of the override form Here.

2. When are override requests accepted by the department?
We will be accepting overrides for Graduating May 2019 Seniors from January 9th - January 14, 2019. General overrides will be processed from January 14 - January 25, 2019.***Please note that Override Requests for Lab classes will not be accepted after the 1st week of classes.***

3. Do I have to submit any other documentation along with the Override form?
Yes. The nature of your request will determine what, if any, additional documentation will need to be submitted. Make sure to read the form to see if you need to provide any additional documents.

4. Where do I submit the Override form?
There is a mailbox outside of Spencer Hall 318 where all forms must be submitted.

5. How long does it take to be processed once submitted?
Generally, the form is completed within 1 to 2 business days.

6. Now that I've submitted my override form, does that mean I'm in the class?
Not yet. We do ask that you attend the class that you are requesting the override for until you receive an email stating that your request has either been approved or denied.

7. Can I submit the form electronically?
No. The original must be brought back and submitted to the Chemistry Department.

8. Is there an absolute guarantee that I will get the class that I want if I fill out this form?
You are NOT GUARANTEED entry into the requested class or classes. This is only a request.

9. I asked the professor if I could join their class and they said yes. Can I be added to the class?
Unfortunately, it is not up to the professor to add you to the class. You must still fill out an override form for that class. There are often restrictions put into place concerning class size, the size of the room, actual available seating, and other safety concerns.

10. I went to the class I would like to get into and saw that there were empty seats in the room. Can I be added to the class?
Unfortunately not. While there may not be any students physically in the class, they are still registered for the class and, therefore, occupying a seat.

11. Who do I contact if I have any questions?
Please direct all questions to chemistry.overrides@morgan.edu. ***Please note that this email will ONLY be active while overrides are being processed.***