Congratulations to Our Travelers EDGE Graduates!

Travelers EDGE Graduates

Seven Morgan State University students have graduated from the Travelers EDGE Program in the School of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences this year! They are: Torrance Allen, Regine Brown, Rodrigue Djukeuchi, Matilda MacArthur, Brie Thompson, Aisha Torres, and Jasmine White. Congratulations! Thank you for your support, Travelers!

Travelers EDGE: Empowering Dreams for Graduation and Employment

Travelers EDGE is an innovative educational initiative that focuses on increasing the number of underrepresented individuals who complete a bachelor's degree and are prepared for a career at Travelers or within the IFS industry. This objective is achieved by:

  1. Building a pipeline to college by helping students progress from middle school to a rigorous high school curriculum and ultimately a partner university.
  2. Helping students to graduate from college by supporting programs that alleviate obstacles unique to underrepresented students.
  3. Building an awareness of careers in insurance by participating in professional development and mentorship opportunities.

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