Our Faculty


Our highly qualified and productive faculty, over 90 percent with the Ph.D. degree in their discipline, combines years of experience in the business world with their research in their teaching and community engagement.





Office of the Dean Title/Position Email

Dr. Fikru Boghossian; Dean / Professor- Fikru.Boghossian@morgan.edu

Dr. Ali Emdad; Associate Dean / Professor- Ali.Emdad@morgan.edu

Ms. Deborah Givens; Administrative Assistant- Deborah.Givens@morgan.edu

Ms. Denise McNeill; Administrative Assistant- Denise.McNeill@morgan.edu


Masters Programs

Mr. Joseph Wells; Director- Joseph.Wells@morgan.edu

Mr. Nicholas Fletcher; Assisant Director – Nicholas.Fletcher@morgan.edu

Ms. Dealrajie Tarachand; Administrative Assistant- Dealrajie.Tarachand@morgan.edu


Accounting and Finance Department

Dr. Sharon Finney; Chairperson / Professor- Sharon.Finney@morgan.edu

Ms. Linda Clark; Administrative Assistant- Linda.Clark@morgan.edu

Dr. Kelly Carter Assistant Professor- kelly.carter@morgan.edu

Dr. Kang Cheng; Associate Professor- Kang.Cheng@morgan.edu

Dr. Yu Cong; Assistant Professor- Yu.Cong@morgan.edu

Dr. Samuel Deal; Lecturer- Samuel.Deal@morgan.edu

Dr. Dina El-Mahdy Assistant Professor- Dina.Elmahdy@morgan.edu

Dr. Phyllis Keys; Associate Professor- Phyllis.Keys@morgan.edu

Dr. Bilal Makkawi; Associate Professor- bilal.makkawi@morgan.edu

Dr. Buagu Musazi; Associate Professor- Buagu.Musazi@morgan.edu

Dr. Gladson Nwanna; Professor- Gladson.Nwanna@morgan.edu

Dr. Pamela Queen; Associate Professor- Pamela.Queen@morgan.edu

Dr. Karen Robinson Lecturer- Karen.Robinson@morgan.edu

Dr. Huey-Lian Sun Professor- HueyLian.Sun@morgan.edu

Dr. Alex Tang; Professor- Alex.Tang@morgan.edu

Dr. Sheela Thiruvadi; Assistant Professor- Sheela.Thiruvadi@morgan.edu

Dr. Cynthia Tollerson; Assistant Professor- Cynthia.Tollerson@morgan.edu


Part-time Instructors

Prof. Felix Afolabi; Lecturer- Felix.afolabi@morgan.edu

Prof. Richard Greene; Lecturer- Richard.Greene@morgan.edu


Business Administration Department

Dr. Augustus Abbey; Chairperson / Professor- Augustus.Abbey@morgan.edu

Mrs. Bonita Woodus; Administrative Assistant- Bonita.Woodus@morgan.edu

Ms. Sherrie-Lee Nunally; Secretary- Sherrie-lee.nunally@morgan.edu


Dr. Marjorie Adams; Professor- Marjorie.Adams@morgan.edu

Dr. Shimi Ahmad Assistant Professor- shimi.ahmad@morgan.edu

Dr. Erica Anthony; Assistant Professor- Erica.Anthony@morgan.edu

Dr. Nathan Austin; Professor- Nathan.Austin@morgan.edu

Dr. Abdul Aziz; Associate Professor- Abdul.Zziz@morgan.edu

Dr. Susan Baker Associate Professor- Susan.Baker@morgan.edu

Dr. Michael Callow; Professor- Michael.Callow@morgan.edu

Prof. Christopher Doval; Assistant Professor- christopher.doval@morgan.edu

Dr. Timothy Edlund; Associate Professor- Tim.Edlund@morgan.edu

Dr. Mary Foster; Assistant Professor- Mary.foster@morgan.edu

Dr. Haiyan Hu; Associate Professor- Haiyan.Hu@morgan.edu

Dr. David Jacobs; Associate Professor- David.Jacobs@morgan.edu

Dr. Omar Khan; Associate Professor- Omar.Khan@morgan.edu

Dr. Leyland Lucas; Associate Professor- Leyland.Lucas@morgan.edu

Dr. Christopher Mathis; Associate Professor- Christopher.Mathis@morgan.edu

Dr. Darlington Richards; Associate Professor- Darlington.Richards@morgan.edu

Dr. Robert Singh; Associate Professor- Robert.Singh@morgan.edu

Prof. John Southall; Assistant Professor- John.Southall@morgan.edu

Dr. Chieng-Chi Tseng; Assistant Professor- chien-chi.tseng@morgan.edu

Dr. David Zoogah; Associate Professor- David.Zoogah@morgan.edu

Dr. Miguel Zuniga; Assistant Professor- Miguel.Zuniga@morgan.edu


Part-time Instructors

Dr. Felix Abeson; Lecturer- Felix.Abeson@morgan.edu

Prof. Renata Allen; Lecturer- Renata.Allen@morgan.edu

Prof. Tamal Banton; Lecturer- Tamal.Banton@morgan.edu

Prof. Julie Carper; Lecturer- Julie.Carper@morgan.edu

Prof. Jodi Cavanaugh; Lecturer- Jodi.Cavanaugh@morgan.edu

Dr. Susan Hendee; Lecturer- Susan.Hendee@morgan.edu

Prof. Harry Holt; Lecturer- Harry.Holt@morgan.edu


Hospitality Management

Dr. Nathan Austin; Coordinator / Associate Prof.-  Nathan.austin@morgan.edu

Ms. Gloria Johnson Administrative Assistant-  Gloria.Johnson@morgan.edu


Information Science and Systems

Dr. Sanjay Bapna; Chairperson / Professor- Sanjay.Bapna@morgan.edu

Ms. Nia Scott; Administrative Assistant- Nia.Scott@morgan.edu


Dr. Dennis Agboh; Associate Professor- Dennis.Agboh@morgan.edu

Dr. Muhammed Badamas; Lecturer- Muhammed.Badamas@morgan.edu

Dr. Ganesh Bhatt; Professor- Ganesh.Bhatt@morgan.edu

Dr. Dessa David; Associate Professor- Dessa.David@morgan.edu

Dr. Samuel Ejiaku; Assistant Professor- Samuel.Ejiaku@morgan.edu

Dr. Sandip Patel; Associate Professor- Sandip.Patel@morgan.edu

Dr. Abirami Radhakrishnan; Associate Professor- abirami.radhakrishnan@morgan.edu

Dr. Gregory Ramsey; Associate Professor- Gregory.Ramsey@morgan.edu

Dr. Ziping Wang; Assistant Professor- Ziping.Wang@morgan.edu

Dr. Jigish Zaveri; Assistant Professor- Jigish.Zaveri@morgan.edu

Dr. Xingxing Zu; Associate Professor- Xingxing.Zu@morgan.edu


Part-time Instructors

Dr. Duane Jackson; Adjunct Professor- Duane.Jackson@morgan.edu

Prof. Monica Kay; Lecturer- Monica.Kay@morgan.edu

Prof. Leslie Sklenar; Lecturer- Leslie.Sklenar@morgan.edu

Prof. Janice Walker; Lecturer- Janice.Walker@morgan.edu

Prof. Kent Weatherley; Lecturer- kent.weatherley@morgan.edu

Prof. Chimaraoke Ugah; Lecturer- chuga1@morgan.edu

Entrepreneurial Assistance and Development Center (EDAC)

Mr. Omar Muhammad; Director- Omar.Muhammad@morgan.edu

Ms. Yvette Racks; Administrative Assistant- Yvette.Racks@morgan.edu