Bloomberg Terminal and Professional Certificate

The Bloomberg Terminal is a financial global business resource that enables hands-on experience and provides a feel of the real investment decisions made in the industry. The use of the terminals increases the students' ability to perform research and analysis using Bloomberg financial market, Bloomberg Tax, Bloomberg Law and Bloomberg Government, and provide them with a competitive advantage in the job market.

Using Bloomberg for Education, students take the Bloomberg Market Concepts, a ten (10) hour online course and awarded a Certificate of Completion. Students with the certification become competitive in their field of study, stand out in the interview process and are exposed to the real- world financial markets. Students, Faculty and Staff can follow the following steps to creating a Bloomberg Terminal Account and the Bloomberg Market Concept Certificate. To find information, we have the commonly used commands for searching the Bloomberg Terminal. The Bloomberg Excel Add-in allows you to extract Bloomberg data directly to excel spreadsheets. Start with the Spreadsheet Builder to create tables of historical data for a group of securities.