Jeremy Kargon, RA + LEED AP

Associate Professor & Program Director - Graduate Program in Architecture
Office Location: 

B.A., Yale University
M.Arch, Columbia University


B.A., Yale University
M.Arch, Columbia University

Professional Affiliation(s):
Society of Architectural Historians; Maryland Historical Society; Society for City and Regional Planning History

Research Interest(s):
Architecture's representation and its depiction in media over time, across changing geographies, and within diverse cultures; urban landscapes, the use of graphic notation to represent non-visual experience, and the history of Baltimore's architecture after World War II.

Teaching Interest(s):
Design, History, Technology

Selected Publication(s):
Kargon, Jeremy. "A Symbolic Landscape for Suburbia: Baltimore Chizuk Amuno's 'Hebrew Culture Garden.' " Journal of Urban History, Vol. 40, Issue 4 (2014) 677 - 706.

Kargon, Jeremy. "The Logic of Color: Theory and Graphics in Christine Ladd-Franklin's Explanation of Color Vision. " Leonardo, Vol. 47, Issue 2 (2014) 151-157.

Kargon, Jeremy. "One City's Urban Cosmography." Planning Perspectives, Vol. 29 No. 1 (2014) 103-120.

Kargon, Jeremy. "Redefining the Typographical Architect: Analogy and Ethos for Contemporary Design Education." International Journal of Arts Education,
Vol. 3, No. 3 (2013) 1-16.

Kargon, Jeremy. "Critique of an 'Artefactual' Landscape: Erich Mendelsohn's Engagement with the Built and Natural Environment, 1919-1931." Journal of Architecture, Vol. 18, No. 1 (2013) 1-24.

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