Landscape Architecture

Message from Program Director

Landscape Architecture at Morgan

Thank you for visiting the pages of the Graduate Program in Landscape Architecture.

We are proud to be the oldest accredited program to teach the art and science of Landscape Architecture in Maryland. The Graduate Program in Landscape Architecture focuses on study of landscapes from a systemic point of view in which the land plays an important and interactive role in our lives. The program utilizes a collaborative education model to teach, explore, and discover.

Morgan State University's accredited Master of Landscape Architecture Program offers students a city-oriented focus. The Landscape Architecture program at Morgan challenges students to solve complex problems dealing with population density, architectural context, environmental systems, and public infrastructure. These interwoven physical systems underpin the important social, economic, and political layers of the urban landscape.

The City of Baltimore offers faculty and students an unparalleled range of environments for study and research. These environments include waterfront, commercial center, inner-city neighborhoods, and urban/suburban edge-growth conditions. Landscape Architecture at Morgan offers a design-based, multi-disciplinary education drawing from contemporary theory, technology, and the other graduate programs in Architecture and City and Regional Planning.

Enjoy your visit and we hope you are as excited as we are about Landscape Architecture and the positive impacts it has all around us!

Paul Voos
Program Director, Graduate program in Landscape Architecture
Department Chair, Department of Graduate Built Environment Studies

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