Grant Writing Workshops & Seminars

In collaboration with Johnes Hopkins University and University of Maryland, Baltimore, we will offer a variety of workshops and seminars for faculty at different stages in their research careers.

  1. For the novice grant-writer, we will offer a 6-month comprehensive training approach that will guide them in the development of an NIH grant proposal, from the conception of a research idea, to the completion of a full draft proposal. This workshop will start in the spring 2020 semester and end in late fall 2020 with a mock-study session for all proposals.
  2. For investigators who are ready to write their first internal pilot research or CBPR grant proposal, we are offering a 3-month intermediate grants writing workshop in fall 2019. This workshop will start with an in-person kick-off event. After the kick-off, the workshop will be online, with weekly synchronized meetings through mid-November, and will culminate in early December with a peer-reviewed mock study session. Attendance at all workshop sessions is mandatory for all who intend to submit an ASCEND pilot proposal in January 2020. The workshop is also recommended for investigators who are in the process of preparing their first external NIH pilot grant (R21, SC2, etc.) proposal. Participants in this workshop will work closely with each other and the instructor team to generate their proposals over the course of the 3-month workshop. The goal is to have a proposal that is ready to submit by January 2020. Participants in this workshop will also be provided with an external “subject matter expert” to guide them through the scientific aspects of writing their proposals. Individual who want to participate in this workshop must register on the ASCEND website, no later than Friday, August 16 so we can ensure mentors for everyone by September 7.
  3. In collaboration with the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB), we will offer short research skills (one day or less) workshops targeted towards grant writers who are more experienced but would like to hone their skills in a particular area (e.g., identification of and understanding of specific funding sources and mechanisms). MSU participants will take these workshops together with junior faculty from UMB on the UMB campus. These workshops are also excellent networking opportunities. Go to to learn more and register for upcoming events.
  4. Post-review mentorship and support for applicants who did not receive pilot funding will be available starting spring 2020.