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PEARL's annual blue crab population survey was begun by George Abbe in 1968 and has been conducted almost continuously ever since. George was the first scientist hired by the lab in 1967 when it was the Academy of Natural Sciences' Benedict Estuarine Research Center. The survey is one of the longest running studies on a marine population and is the only fisheries-independent blue crab study in the state. Findings from the survey have been published in well-known academic journals and have helped to shape policy regarding the commercial crab fishery. Dominion Energy Solutions generously supports the continued expansion of this valuable historical data set.

The crab survey 2016 data is now live! Click here or the image below for the latest information on the crab population in Calvert County. More crabs were caught and they were larger on average in 2016 than in the last several years. Whether these trends continue remains to be seen!

Blue Crab Study Researcher:
Amber DeMarr

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