Curriculum Development

Virginia State University and its collaborators, Delaware State University and Morgan State University enriched the courses on climate change by using the lessons from the Climate Studies Diversity Project of the American Meteorological Society, and National Center for Atmospheric Research.

  • At VSU, the climate change course, "Climate Change and Adaptation Science -AGRI 350" is offered by the Department of Agriculture.  The climate change topics are integrated in the course, "Contemporary Global Studies-AGRI 295" which is taken by the science and non-science majors.
  • DSU is offering the climate change course, "Climatology -NTRS 30-302-03". In addition, DSU has integrated climate change topics in the following courses: Introduction to Environmental Science (NTRS 30-103-03), Introduction to Environmental Science (NTRS 30-103-01), and Soil and Water Management (AGRI 30-401-03). Lesson plans (sea level rise, ice core) for hands-on exercises for students and teachers were also developed.
  •  At MSU, the climate change topics were integrated in the courses, "Introduction of Environmental Science BIOL2XX"and "Marine Science-BIOL603".