IRB - Human Participants Committee Membership

Committee Composition

Federal regulations 45 CFR 46 require that the IRB shall have at least five members, and membership include at a minimum, one member whose primary concerns are in scientific areas, one member whose primary concerns are in nonscientific areas, numerous members representing more than a single profession, and at least one individual not affiliated with the institution.

Morgan's IRB membership is drawn from faculty in several disciplines, from the social, behavioral and biological sciences to the liberal arts and business. The current IRB membership includes the following voting members:


  • Abdul Aziz, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Business Administration
  • Mian Hossain, Ph.D., Professor, Community Health and Policy
  • Annette Palmer (chair), Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chairperson, History
  • Natasha Pratt-Harris, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
  • Macie Tillman, D.D., non-affiliated member
  • Kimberley Warren, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Psychology
  • Benjamin Welsh, Ph.D., Associate Professor,  Education
  • Taqi Tirmazi, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Social; Work 


  • Mildred Ofosu, Ph.D. Institutional Official
  • Edet Isuk, Ph.D. IRB Administrator
  • Marvin Perry, MA, Specialist assistant   

Note:  A quorum will be a majority (greater than 50 per cent) of the voting members of the IRB. For reasons other than conflict of interest, abstentions do not alter the quorum, or change the number of votes required.