Tutorial Presentations:

Andrew Lorenc - Data Assimilation for NWP 

Part 1. Introduction, Bayesian Derivation, and Overview

Part 2. Methods

Part 3. The Met Office Variational Assimilation

Part 4. Evaluation and improving use of observations

Daniel Holdaway - Adjoint model development, validation, and application

Oral and Poster Presentations:

Javier Amezcua - How to use 'fast' observations in 'slow' models

Brian Ancell - Chaos seeding within perturbation experiments

Nancy Baker - Revisiting assumptions: a critical re-examination of ocean surface wind assimilation in the U.S. Navy's Global and Mesoscale Data Assimilation Systems

Dale Barker - UK Met Office data assimilation strategy

Zak Bell - Accounting for error due to unresolved scales in data assimilation

Jeremy Berman - The impact of warm conveyor belt forecast errors on variability in the downstream waveguide

Loïk Berre - Simulation and diagnosis of observation, model and background error contributions in data assimilation cycling

Craig Bishop - Data assimilation strategies for state dependent observation error variances

Luca Cantarello - Investigating satellite radiance data assimilation at different scales in an idealised convective modelling framework

Clayton Cantrall - Inference of thermospheric temperature profiles from ultra-violet emission observations from the NASA Global Observations of Limb and Disk (GOLD) mission

David Carvalho - NASA's GMAO atmospheric motion vectors simulator: description and application to the MISTiC Winds concept

Marcin Chrust - Towards operational implementation of the Object Oriented Prediction System at ECMWF

Elizabeth Cooper - Observation operators for assimilation of satellite observations in fluvial inundation forecasting

Will Crawford - Accounting for error in an ensemble of seasonal forecasts using a high resolution global coupled model

Sarah Dance - Data Assimilation for the REsilient City (DARE)

Fabio Diniz - Comparing the adjoint- and ensemble-based approaches to observation impact on short-range forecasts

Amal El Akkraoui - How much model error in a 6h ensemble forecast?

Ron Errico - Guidelines to consider when performing OSSEs

Steven Fletcher - Comparisons of mixed Gaussian-lognormal, logarithmic transform and Gaussian fits all based on temperature-mixing ratio microwave retrieval systems

Javier García-Pintado - Experiments for online estimation of model parameters for multidecadal climate reconstruction with the Community Earth System Model (CESM)

Alexander Goldstein - New methods for the calculation and analysis of quasi-optimal adjoint perturbation

Michael Goodliff - Detection of lognormal signals in different atmospheric flows

Oliver Guillet - Modelling observation error correlations using a diffusion operator on unstructured grids

Daniel Holdaway - Progress towards hybrid 4DVar with the FV3 dynamical core

Daisuke Hotta - EFSO and DFS diagnostics for JMA's global data assimilation system: their caveats and potential pitfalls

Yasutaka Ikuta - Assimilation of GPM/DPR in km-scale hybrid-4DVar system

Marta Janisková - Well known and less obvious applications of adjoint models: Do we explore enough their potential?

Wei Kang - Data assimilation for models with a sparse error covariance

Maha H. Kaouri - Gauss-Newton-type optimization methods for variational data assimilation

Takuya Kawabata - A storm-scale particle filter for investigating predictability of convection initiation and development

Min-Jeong Kim - Sensitivity of Different Types of Observations to NASA GEOS Hurricane Analyses and Forecast

Daryl Kleist - Scale-dependent localization and weighting in the FV3-GFS Hybrid Data Assimilation Scheme

Alexander Kurapov - Variational data assimilation in the US West Coast Ocean Forecast System (WCOFS)

Takuya Kurihana - Assimilation with faster super observation algorithm for meteorological ‘Big Data'

Patrick Laloyaux - The ECMWF weak constraint 4D-Var formulation

Amos Lawless - Treating sample covariances for use in strongly coupled atmosphere-ocean data assimilation

Sujeong Lim - Sensitive experiments of the tropical cyclone bogus data assimilation depending on the background error covariance within the hybrid-4DEnVar system

Nora Loose - Uncertainty Quantification as a tool for Observing System Design in oceanographic inverse problems

Carina Lopes - On the use of Landsat imagery for long-term coastal wetland monitoring

Andrew Lorenc - A comparison of hybrid variational data assimilation methods in the Met Office global NWP system

Rahul Mahajan - Forecast Sensitivity and Observation Impact (FSOI) Inter-comparison Experiment

Rohit Mangla - Evaluation of microwave radiances of GPM/GMI for the all-sky assimilation in RTTOV framework

Sebastien Massart - Two flavours of hybrid background error covariances for ECMWF 4D Var analysis

Richard Menard - Ensemble variance loss of in transport models and its implication to 4Dvar

Richard Menard - Diagnostics and optimization of analysis by cross-validation

Benjamin Ménétrier - The Normalized Interpolated Convolution on an Adaptive Subgrid (NICAS) method, a new implementation of localization for EnVar applications

Yann Michel - Block methods for solving an ensemble of data assimilations

Andrew Moore - Reduced-rank array modes of the California Current ocean observing system

Michael Morgan - Using adjoint-informed optimal initial condition perturbations to study tropical cyclone intensity change

Dimitri Mottet - Interaction between ensemble filter/smoother and model dynamics for stiff ODEs

Nancy Nichols - Incorporating Correlated Observation Errors in Variational Data Assimilation

Craig Oswald - Understanding the sensitivity of cyclogenesis using adjoint analysis

Olivier Pannekoucke - Parametric Kalman filter : toward an alternative to the EnKF ?

Ivo Pasmans - Ensemble-variational data assimilation in the coastal ocean circulation model off Oregon-Washington (at the US West Coast)

Tim Payne - Rapid update cycling with delayed observations

Asia Pelc - Accelerating local ensemble tangent linear models with order reduction

Nikki Privé - Adjoint estimation of observation impact explored with an Observing System Simulation Experiment

Yvonne Ruckstuhl - Joint parameter and state estimation with ensemble Kalman filter based algorithms for convective scale applications

Adrian Sandu - Solving robust 4D-Var data assimilation

Elizabeth A. Satterfield - Observation informed generalized hybrid error covariance models

Rui Silva - Regional climate model's cloud microphysics and spatial resolution role in precipitation simulation during an atmospheric river event in Portugal

Ehouarn Simon - On the use of the saddle formulation in weakly-constrained 4D-Var

Polly Smith - Estimating forecast error covariances for strongly coupled atmosphere-ocean 4D-Var data assimilation

Timothy Smith - A dynamical reconstruction of AMOC Variability at the mouth of the South Atlantic

Magda Sousa - Analysis of global sea surface temperature changes under future scenarios

Răzvan Ştefănescu - Accuracy improvement of hybrid 4DEnVar and MLEF methods

Jemima M. Tabeart - Improving the conditioning of estimated covariance matrices

Catherine Thomas - Adopting NCEP's Hybrid 4DEnVar data assimilation system to the FV3GFS

Ricardo TodlingOn the instability of IAU and its interplay with ensemble recentering

Victor Trappler - Parameter control in presence of uncertainties: robust estimation of bottom friction

Yannick Trémolet - The Joint Effort for Data assimilation Integration (JEDI)

Francois Vandenberghe - Variational assimilation of GPS radio-occultation observations in rainy conditions

Sanita Vetra-Carvalho - On improving urban flood prediction through data assimilation using CCTV images

Arthur Vidard - Assessment of approximate 4D-Var schemes for ocean reanalysis

Joanne Waller - Doppler radial wind spatially correlated observation error: operational implementation and initial results

Akira Yamazaki - Using the Ensemble Forecast Sensitivity to Observations (EFSO) technique for global observing system experiments (OSEs)

Nedjeljka Žagar - Growth of forecast errors in global NWP models and inertia-gravity wave dynamics

Zoë Brooke Zibton - Adjoint sensitivity diagnosis of the intensification of Hurricane Harvey