List of all abstracts (oral and poster) for the Workshop:

Javier Amezcua - The use of observational tendencies for data assimilation in non-Markovian systems

Brian Ancell - Chaos seeding within perturbation experiments

Nancy Baker - Revisiting assumptions: a critical re-examination of ocean surface wind assimilation in the U.S. Navy's Global and Mesoscale Data Assimilation Systems

Dale Barker - UK Met Office data assimilation strategy

Zak Bell - Accounting for error due to unresolved scales in data assimilation

Jeremy Berman - The impact of warm conveyor belt forecast errors on variability in the downstream waveguide

Loïk Berre - Simulation and diagnosis of observation, model and background error contributions in data assimilation cycling

Craig Bishop - Data assimilation strategies for state dependent observation error variances

Luca Cantarello - Investigating satellite radiance data assimilation at different scales in an idealised convective modelling framework

Clayton Cantrall - Inference of thermospheric temperature profiles from ultra-violet emission observations from the NASA Global Observations of Limb and Disk (GOLD) mission

David Carvalho - NASA's GMAO atmospheric motion vectors simulator: description and application to the MISTiC Winds concept

Marcin Chrust - Towards operational implementation of the Object Oriented Prediction System at ECMWF

Elizabeth Cooper - Observation operators for assimilation of satellite observations in fluvial inundation forecasting

Will Crawford - Accounting for error in an ensemble of seasonal forecasts using a high resolution global coupled model

Sarah Dance - Data Assimilation for the REsilient City (DARE)

Fabio Diniz - Comparing the adjoint- and ensemble-based approaches to observation impact on short-range forecasts

Amal El Akkraoui - How much model error in a 6h ensemble forecast?

Ron Errico - Guidelines to consider when performing OSSEs

Steven Fletcher - Comparisons of mixed Gaussian-lognormal, logarithmic transform and Gaussian fits all based on temperature-mixing ratio microwave retrieval systems

Javier García-Pintado - Experiments for online estimation of model parameters for multidecadal climate reconstruction with the Community Earth System Model (CESM)

Alexander Goldstein - New methods for the calculation and analysis of quasi-optimal adjoint perturbation

Michael Goodliff - Detection of lognormal signals in different atmospheric flows

Oliver Guillet - Modelling observation error correlations using a diffusion operator on unstructured grids

Ji-Hyun Ha - Variational bias correction of radiance data at KIAPS and associated results

Daniel Holdaway - Progress towards hybrid 4DVar with the FV3 dynamical core

Daisuke Hotta - EFSO and DFS diagnostics for JMA's global data assimilation system: their caveats and potential pitfalls

Yasutaka Ikuta - Assimilation of GPM/DPR in km-scale hybrid-4DVar system

Marta Janisková - Well known and less obvious applications of adjoint models: Do we explore enough their potential?

Wei Kang - Data assimilation for models with a sparse error covariance

Maha H. Kaouri - Gauss-Newton-type optimization methods for variational data assimilation

Takuya Kawabata - A storm-scale particle filter for investigating predictability of convection initiation and development

Min-Jeong Kim - Sensitivity of Different Types of Observations to NASA GEOS Hurricane Analyses and Forecast

Daryl Kleist - Scale-dependent localization and weighting in the FV3-GFS Hybrid Data Assimilation Scheme

Alexander Kurapov - Variational data assimilation in the US West Coast Ocean Forecast System (WCOFS)

Takuya Kurihana - Assimilation with faster super observation algorithm for meteorological ‘Big Data'

Patrick Laloyaux - The ECMWF weak constraint 4D-Var formulation

Amos Lawless - Treating sample covariances for use in strongly coupled atmosphere-ocean data assimilation

Zhijin Li - Some theoretical and practical Issues on multiscale data assimilation for high-resolution models

Sujeong Lim - Sensitive experiments of the tropical cyclone bogus data assimilation depending on the background error covariance within the hybrid-4DEnVar system

Nora Loose - Uncertainty Quantification as a tool for Observing System Design in oceanographic inverse problems

Carina Lopes - On the use of Landsat imagery for long-term coastal wetland monitoring

Andrew Lorenc - A comparison of hybrid variational data assimilation methods in the Met Office global NWP system

Rahul Mahajan - Forecast Sensitivity and Observation Impact (FSOI) Inter-comparison Experiment

Rohit Mangla - Evaluation of microwave radiances of GPM/GMI for the all-sky assimilation in RTTOV framework

Sebastien Massart - Two flavours of hybrid background error covariances for ECMWF 4D Var analysis

Richard Menard - Ensemble variance loss of in transport models and its implication to 4Dvar

Benjamin Ménétrier - The Normalized Interpolated Convolution on an Adaptive Subgrid (NICAS) method, a new implementation of localization for EnVar applications

Yann Michel - Block methods for solving an ensemble of data assimilations

Andrew Moore - Reduced-rank array modes of the California Current ocean observing system

Michael Morgan - Using adjoint-informed optimal initial condition perturbations to study tropical cyclone intensity change

Dimitri Mottet - Interaction between ensemble filter/smoother and model dynamics for stiff ODEs

Nancy Nichols - Incorporating Correlated Observation Errors in Variational Data Assimilation

Craig Oswald - Understanding the sensitivity of cyclogenesis using adjoint analysis

Olivier Pannekoucke - Parametric Kalman filter : toward an alternative to the EnKF ?

Seon Ki Park - Assimilating synthetic all-sky radiances of GEMS using a coupled meteorology-chemistry prediction and data assimilation system

Ivo Pasmans - Ensemble-variational data assimilation in the coastal ocean circulation model off Oregon-Washington (at the US West Coast)

Tim Payne - Rapid update cycling with delayed observations

Asia Pelc - Accelerating local ensemble tangent linear models with order reduction

Nikki Privé - Adjoint estimation of observation impact explored with an Observing System Simulation Experiment

Yvonne Ruckstuhl - Joint parameter and state estimation with ensemble Kalman filter based algorithms for convective scale applications

Adrian Sandu - Solving robust 4D-Var data assimilation

Elizabeth A. Satterfield - Observation informed generalized hybrid error covariance models

Rui Silva - Regional climate model's cloud microphysics and spatial resolution role in precipitation simulation during an atmospheric river event in Portugal

Ehouarn Simon - On the use of the saddle formulation in weakly-constrained 4D-Var

Polly Smith - Estimating forecast error covariances for strongly coupled atmosphere-ocean 4D-Var data assimilation

Timothy Smith - A dynamical reconstruction of AMOC Variability at the mouth of the South Atlantic

Magda Sousa - Analysis of global sea surface temperature changes under future scenarios

Răzvan Ştefănescu - Accuracy improvement of hybrid 4DEnVar and MLEF methods

Jemima M. Tabeart - Improving the conditioning of estimated covariance matrices

Catherine Thomas - Adopting NCEP's Hybrid 4DEnVar data assimilation system to the FV3GFS

Ricardo Todling - Preliminary experiments extending the assimilation window of the GMAO Hybrid 4DEnVar

Victor Trappler - Parameter control in presence of uncertainties: robust estimation of bottom friction

Yannick Trémolet - The Joint Effort for Data assimilation Integration (JEDI)

Francois Vandenberghe - Variational assimilation of GPS radio-occultation observations in rainy conditions

Sanita Vetra-Carvalho - On improving urban flood prediction through data assimilation using CCTV images

Arthur Vidard - Assessment of approximate 4D-Var schemes for ocean reanalysis

Joanne Waller - Doppler radial wind spatially correlated observation error: operational implementation and initial results

Akira Yamazaki - Using the Ensemble Forecast Sensitivity to Observations (EFSO) technique for global observing system experiments (OSEs)

Nedjeljka Žagar - Growth of forecast errors in global NWP models and inertia-gravity wave dynamics

Zoë Brooke Zibton - Adjoint sensitivity diagnosis of the intensification of Hurricane Harvey