DRED Pandemic Guidance

Office of Technology Transfer Guidance

IP Protection

Are there any changes to the process of filing new Intellectual Property (IP) Disclosures with the Office of Technology Transfer (OTT)?
Many times the submission of an IP Disclosure (IPD) to OTT is time sensitive, due to prior publication dates. It is imperative that OTT protect the IP/patent rights while still making sure the department and college/schools are informed. All IP Disclosures are to be submitted electronically to OTT, with a copy being sent to either the Department Chair or School/College Dean, for review and signature, and then forwarding to OTT. If a signature is not possible, an email acknowledgement from the school/dept. is acceptable.

Will OTT continue to file provisional and non-provisional U.S. Patent Applications, and manage pending U.S. Patents applications to protect the University's IP/patent rights?
Yes. Under Morgan's IP Policy, the OTT has day-to-day responsibility, on behalf of the University, to make determinations of ownership of Intellectual Property and to manage, protect and commercialize University-owned Intellectual Property.

I-Works and I-GAP Grants
Will my existing I-GAP Grant end date be extended?
Due to the disruption in Morgan operations, existing I-GAP Awards will be extended.

Can I apply for new I-GAP funding for my innovation for FY 2020 funding? For FY 2021 funding?
OTT will still accept new I-GAP applications for FY 2020 and FY 2021. However, the issuance of awards will be based on the availability of funding, and any university restrictions for the remainder of FY 2020 and for FY 2021.

OTT Contact
What is the best way to contact OTT if I have questions?
Although OTT team members will be checking for voice messages, please use email to contact OTT Team Members: wayne.swann@morgan.edu; raymar.dizon@morgan.edu; alexa.morris@morgan.edu; Kanika.ellis@morgan.edu;For general inquiries: technology.transfer@morgan.edu

Where can I find other information related to innovation, IP protection and technology transfer?
For information and resources, please visit the OTT Website at https://www.morgan.edu/technologytransfer

PEARL Guidance 

Is the PEARL operational?
Currently, all PEARL staff are working remotely, with the exception of Facilities Manager Jon Farrington. Jon is performing a once-daily check on laboratory facilities, infrastructure, vessels, and vehicles.

What is the status of the Summer PEARL Internship Program?
The PEARL will not be able to accept on-site interns for its summer internship program. Any interns who can perform project tasks remotely will still be considered for inclusion in the internship program.

What is the status of the PEARL Oyster Aquaculture Program?
PEARL researcher Dr. Ming Liu's oyster genomics research program depends on annual spawning to continue to improve his oyster lines. Spawning - intended to begin in early April - have been postponed. A short-term postponement is not expected to have major impact, as successful spawning efforts could commence as late as early June.