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  • Virginia State University will lead a consortium of minority service institutions around Chesapeake Bay region: Delaware State University, Morgan State University, University of District of Columbia, and Coppin State University to propose establishing Chesapeake Bay Climate Study Partnership.
  • This regional partnership will provide integrated, cohesive and innovative education and research capabilities to underrepresented groups on climate science and adaptation which are essential for our nation's sustainable agriculture. We propose to apply the place-based and problem-based education strategy and use Chesapeake Bay as a natural laboratory to infuse the climate study into education/instruction of traditional agricultural and environmental sciences to improve the climate literacy of undergraduate students, enhance their preparation in STEM disciplines, develop their competency and skill sets in the USDA workforce and prepare them for future climate change adaptation.
  • This proposal will promote the capacities of teaching of climate study for sustainable agriculture by integrating:
  • Curricula Design and Materials Development: Improve the climate literacy of a large number of undergraduate students by using networked, multi-institutional enhanced curricular materials.
  • Student Experiential Learning: Provide students an intensive summer internship with hand-on research experience.
  • Faculty Preparation and Enhancement for Education: Offer hands-on teacher workshops to provide them the necessary knowledge and experience in that can be transferred back to classroom teaching.
  • Instructional Delivery Systems: Create a Chesapeake Bay Climate Study E-learning community to promote effective teaching and learning for climate study.