Conflict of Interest Committee

Morgan Conflict of Interest Committee

September 2018

The work of the COIC is to review faculty Conflict of Interest exemption requests for research and economic development activities, including those associated with faculty start-up companies, and make recommendations for university exemptions under Morgan's COI Policy and Procedures.


Dr. Willie May, Vice President Research and Economic Development (Committee Chair)

Dr. Lorece Edwards, Associate Professor, Behavioral Health Sciences

Dr. Simone Gibson, Associate Professor, Teacher Education

Dr. Pumtiwitt McCarthy, Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Dr. Gregory Ramsey, Associate Professor, Information Science and Systems

Mr. Wayne Swann, Director of Technology Transfer

Dr. Willie Thompson, Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mr. Paul Voos, Assistant Dean & Associate Professor, School of Graduate Studies

Ms. Sharon Whitehurst, Budget Officer, Academic Affairs