What the Health?

Morgan State University Faculty of the Month

Minli Liao

Minli Liao, Ph.D., MSW

School of Social Work

Research Interests

"My research interests center in children and youth's health and mental health. Recent child welfare policies encourage states to place special emphasis on achieving timely permanence for children in out-of-home care, resulting in an increasing post-permanency population. I found that few of these post-permanency programs have been rigorously evaluated and many of them lack theoretical framework to guide their studies. My recent work evaluates the effects of a post-permanency intervention for older youth discharged from foster care to adoption and systematically summarize relevant post-adoption research using a comprehensive theoretical framework. By applying advanced statistical analyses and sound theoretical framework, this body of work has advanced adoption studies for children and youth placed in post-permanency stage and made contribution to inspire rigorous research in evidence-based practice in child welfare."