Bylaws for the ASCEND Student Research Center

Vision Statement: The Student Research Center will inspire, empower and cultivate the nation's rising health researchers through intensive mentorship and outreach.

Mission Statement: To ignite Morgan State University's undergraduate students' health research related interests and cultivate their research skills by providing community outreach and mentorship programs that are entrepreneurial, innovative and interactive.

Slogan: Together We Can Answer The Big Questions.

Below you will find the governing documents for the Student Research Center (SRC).



Ad-Hoc Club Policy

In August 2017, the 2017-2018 executive board implemented a member incentive program. This is a four-level program that encourages members to remain active and dedicated within the organization. The levels are: bronze, silver, gold and diamond. In order for the students to progress through the levels, they must obtain points by participating in activities ranging from visiting the SRC to presenting in a research conference. The incentive program guidelines can be found here.