History of the SRC

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The History of the Student Research Center (SRC)

The SRC became a registered organization under the Morgan State University (MSU) Office of Student Life and Development (OSLD) on Monday, February 8, 2016. Since then, the SRC has been able to maintain active organization registration with OSLD. Prior to organization registration, the SRC held its first interest meeting in July 2015 to recruit members so the organization could qualify to be an undergraduate organization recognized by OSLD.  In order for this to happen, the SRC had to have an executive board, general body members, and a governing structure articulated in the organization's bylaws and constitution. The organization also needed an advisor in order to apply. The SRC began with 37 inaugural members, of which nine were founding members, or the first executive board for the SRC. Below are the lists of executive board members during the history of the SRC.

Founding Members

  • Oluwafunmilayo Ayeni, Psychology Major, President
  • Karanon Tubo, Biology Major, Vice President
  • Jazzmyn Rodriguez, Psychology Major, Secretary
  • Kelly Boham, Biology Major, Mister SRC
  • Angelique Williams, Psychology Major, Miss SRC
  • Oluwatobi Samagbeyi, Biology Major, Planning & Logistics Chair
  • Jada Boyd, Pre-Professional Physical Therapy Major, Planning & Logistics Co-Chair
  • Givania Griffin, Biology Major, Public Relations & Communications Chair
  • Shirley Green, Psychology Major, Public Relations & Communications Co-Chair/Community Service Liaison

2017-2018 Executive Board

  • James Green, Biology Major, President
  • Shirley Green, Psychology Major, Vice President
  • Karanon Tubo, Biology Major, Secretary
  • Fred Johnson, III, Biology Major, Mister SRC
  • Funmilayo Omole, Medical Technology Major, Miss SRC
  • Tyra Sellers, Health Education Major, Community Service Chair
  • Rayna Wallace, Medical Technology Major, Community Service Co-Chair
  • Kayla Huffman, Biology MajorPlanning & Logistics Chair
  • Marvellous Oke, Psychology Major, Planning & Logistics Co-Chair
  • Veniesha Vincent, Biology Major, Public Relations & Communications Chair
  • Kevena Jones, Social Work Major, Public Relations & Communications Co-Chair

2018-2019 Executive Board

  • Chuwuebuka Eburuoh, Biology Major, President
  • Wendy Camejo Nunez, Biology Major, Vice President
  • Funmilayo Omole, Biology Major, Secretary
  • Kojo Yeboah, Biology Major, Mister SRC
  • Bolutife Baiyewu, Biology Major, Miss SRC
  • Naimat Ajilore, Biology Major, Community Service Chair
  • Kehindezaina Smarton, Biology Major, Community Service Co-Chair
  • Marvellous Oke, Psychology Major, Journal Club Chair
  • Christine Okemkpa, Biology Major, Journal Club Co-Chair
  • Oluwadunsin Akinyemi, Biology Major, Planning & Logistics Chair
  • Ismael Bousso, Biology Major, Planning & Logistics Co-Chair
  • Kaaliyah McDowell, Psychology Major, Public Relations & Communications Chair
  • Jonathan Oriala, Biology Major, Public Relations & Communications Co-Chair

2019-2020 Executive Board

  • Christabelle Agyapong, Medical Laboratory Science Major, President
  • Amanda Nweke, Biology Major, Vice President
  • Kenni Rudd, Psychology Major, Secretary
  • Dagmawi Zewdu, Biology Major, Mister SRC
  • Nashae Prout, Health Education Major, Miss SRC

Since the inception of the SRC, the OSLD has recognized the SRC and its members for several awards. Including, Co-Ed Organization of the Year in 2018 and Meritorious Organization in 2019. The organization currently has over 100 members. As time progresses, the SRC and its members continue to embody greatness.