Research Methods Consultation

Find out what resources are available to you and plan your next experiments with the ASCEND Core Lab in mind!

The Core Lab will support the following research capabilities:

  • Preparatory Technology - This involves taking biological material (e.g., harvested cell cultures, tissues, and organs) and preparing them for separations and analytics technologies.
  • Separations Technology - In bench research workflow, this is usually the second task so that proteins, nucleic acids, organelles, etc., are separated from a complex homogenized mixture of cells, tissues, and/or organs.
  • Analytics Technology - Following methods of separations is analytics, where gene expression changes are typically examined.
  • Histologic Analytics Technology - There is a need to use functional anatomic methods to examine thin sections of tissues for gene expression revealed by immunocytochemistry and in situ hybridization of nucleic acid probes. Moreover, this analysis is used for determining the brain's connectome.
  • Augmentation of Biomedical Teaching - 3D human anatomy; virtual microscopy, which broadly can be important in multiple levels of instruction and for research projects.