ASCEND & The Community

ASCEND Scholar teams will engage in a community-based research outreach experience in collaboration with the MSU Morgan Community Mile.

The Morgan Community Mile is a partnership with Northeast Baltimore neighborhoods that engages community stakeholders and university students, faculty, and staff. It addresses several issues: health and public safety, youth and economic development, the environment, and strengthening university/community relations.

The ultimate goal of this community-based research outreach experience is to:

  1. Help students understand the complexity of community health issues, and
  2. Help students understand how to view such issues in their broader social, political, and economic contexts.

Students will utilize knowledge gained through coursework and research in the biomedical sciences to educate community members. Reflection and analysis of the experience will serve as an experiential complement to coursework and workshops in health and biomedical research with the goal of making a connection between the community engagement experience and the curriculum content. Students will also benefit by strengthening their sense of social responsibility.

This innovative approach will provide students with an opportunity to utilize knowledge acquired through their coursework and research experiences to educate and motivate community residents to become informed consumers of research to improve their health. Students will be encouraged to be creative in their approach. Projects could include developing a blog about community health, videos/podcasts, campus service announcements (CSA's) or a workshop held on-campus or at a community-based organization. If on-campus, the activity will be showcased during the spring semester at an organized event (e.g., campus health forum or on-campus student research conference) and open to the community.