Interactive Retention. Graduation, and Progression Data

Like retention and graduation, progression is a very important element of an institution's overall enrollment makeup. Progression is one of the indicators that we use to measure the performance of our undergraduate students throughout their academic career at our institution. Essentially, progression is the percentage of students who progress from one academic level to the next (i.e., freshmen to sophomore to junior to senior).

Along with our interactive retention and graduation charts, our interactive undergraduate progression chart consists of students enrolled from Fall 2016 and their status in 2017. The data in the chart looks at students from any level from one year to their status the next year. The chart includes new freshman students, students who are still freshmen (due to not progressing to the sophomore level), and some sophomore students who may not have started as freshmen but came in as transfers. Also included in the "other" category of the chart, are students who did not make a natural progression to the next level (i.e., freshmen progressed to junior, senior, or graduate levels).