Bb Grade Center and Rubrics

The Blackboard Grade Center consists of a "Needs Grading" area and a Full Grade Center (spreadsheet of grades).  Access the Grade Center in the Control Panel menu (on the lower-left).


Needs Grading provides direct links to  items that need to be graded. This list populates as students submit assignments, or complete tasks and tests.

Full Grade Center is a spreadsheet of all grades, including items that need grading.  It is used to view all grades, add grades manually, change grades and weight grades.

Inline Grading - View and comment on submitted work right in the grade center (no downloading needed). Supported file types for inline grading.


The Full Grade Center Spreadsheet 

Weighted Grades - Blackboard allows you to weight grades by using a combination of grades from individual grade center columns and grades that fall into specific categories.


Anonymous and Delegated Grading 

Mobile Grade Center (iOS)

Customize the Grade Center