Tax Information

In accordance with requirements of the Tax Relief Act of 1997 the 1098-T tax credit form is intended to provide you with information to assist you in determining your eligibility for possible Hope Scholarship or lifetime learning credits. This tax credit form will be mailed to your permanent address by January 31 each year. If you do not receive your 1098-T tax credit forms, you can obtain a copy at

  • If this is your first time obtaining a copy online: Click on 'First Time Users' and complete the registration process.
  • We strongly recommend that you consult a tax adviser when determining your qualified amount.
  • Box 2 contains 'Qualified tuition and related expenses' for the calendar year. This amount is comprised of all tuition and mandatory fees billed. Billed charges are reported not paid charges.
  • Box 4 contains 'Scholarships & Grant' for the calendar year. Examples are, but not limited to, Pell grant, SEOG and EAG.
  • If you are classified as an international student, you will not receive a 1098T.
  • If your social security number is incorrect on your 1098T,
    • Submit your picture ID & a copy of your SSN card to the office of Records & Registration for correction
    • Once the correction is confirmed, submit a written request for a revised 1098T to the office of the Bursar

You can obtain more information about student loan interest deductions, lifetime learning credit and hope credits from the IRS at

  • IRS Publication 970, Tax Benefits for Higher Education, and Publication 520 Scholarships and Fellowships, are available from the IRS Web site or by calling 1-800-TAX-FORM.