Definitions & Terms


1. ESTIMATE: An estimate is a non-binding "ball park" price based on your verbal specifications. All prices are based on material costs at the time of the estimate.

2.QUOTATION:  A quotation is a binding, written agreement based on your specifications. All prices are based on materials costs at the time of the quotation.

3. CANCELLATIONS: Orders placed can be canceled, however, the Print Shop must be compensated for work completed and supplies used.

4. ALTERATIONS: Alterations represent work performed in addition to the original specification. Such work will be charged at current rates.

5. PROOF: You are responsible for proofing your job. If a proof copy is necessary, one will be provided for your approval. Corrections are to be made on the proof and returned with the Proof Form signed by you. The Print Shop is not responsible for errors if instructed to proceed without returning the proofs with indication of changes required.

6. OVER-RUNS AND UNDER-RUNS: Every effort will be made to provide you with the exact amount ordered. However, a reasonable amount of over-run and under-run must be expect if your job is complex.

7. PRODUCTION SCHEDULES: A completion date will be established when you submit or by prior arrangement . Where production schedules are not adhered to by you, the completion date will be subjected to change.

8. CUSTOMER PROVIDED MATERIALS: If you provide paper stock, envelopes, inks camera-ready copy, color separations, or other materials, they must be suited for our equipment and processes. Materials provided are only verified as to cartons, packages, or items shown. The accuracy of quantities indicated are not verified and the Print Shop cannot accept responsibility for shortages based on your supplied materials. Additional costs due to delays or impaired production caused by deficiencies will be charged.